Best Real Estate Transaction Yet

Thank you so much for helping us to get through our best real estate transaction yet! We appreciate your patience, professionalism and sense of humor.
-Sandy S. and Ed Z.

Extremely Helpful

Beverly was instrumental in our purchase and was extremely helpful in all aspects of our deal. She has remained a good friend since that time. She is a gem, both as a person and a real estate expert. It does not get any better than Beverly!
- Stan and Millie S

A True Joy To Work With

Beverly managed every detail, advised us properly and reassured us during challenging circumstances. She was much more than an agent and a true joy to work with! She really knows how to evaluate a home and advise her clients with professionalism, thoroughness, and a wonderful sense of humor.
- Jill and Rob G

Spectacular Service

Beverly provided spectacular service over a lengthy time period. We are very grateful for her knowledge, skill and experience.
- Meg M

Even After The Sale Was completed

Beverly goes well beyond on the call of duty handling questions even after the sale. We would definitely ask for her help again in any home sale or purchase on Bainbridge. We truly enjoyed working with her.
- Tina L

Through Thick and Thin

Beverly was there through thick and thin. There were times when neither of us thought this deal would go through, but Beverly kept my hopes up and encouraged me all the way. Without a doubt, I would not be in the house of my dreams today if it was not for Beverly.
- Karen M

Having Fun While Getting The Job Done

Working with Beverly means having fun while getting the job done. In nine years of working together - we have been lost, got stuck and walked into water up to our knees. We have also bought and sold some great property and enjoyed (almost) every minute.
- Larry and Linda C

A True Professional

Beverly was at my side reassuring me when ever I thought things looked hopeless. Her humor and confidence kept me positive through what could have been a time of high anxiety. Beverly is a true professional and very knowledgeable about the real estate business. She clearly wants what is best for her clients.
- Bridget B

A Great, Reliable Agent

As an attorney who sees the results of bad representation in real estate transactions, I felt confident that I could trust Beverly to make the proper disclosures while presenting our house in the best possible way. Moving is stressful and having a reliable agent like Beverly really took the anxiety level down a few notches. She gets our vote for a great, professional agent.
- Kathleen and Graham W

A Great Advocate

Beverly is very professional and warm. She knows Bainbridge Island very well and was very patient throughout our (rather long) search. When it came time to write an offer and put the deal together she was a great advocate and got everything done quickly and professionally.
- Rafi M and Caroline B

Would Recommend Beverly Green To Anyone

I met with two other brokers and I was beginning to worry. Then I met Beverly. I knew almost immediately that she was the one, by far, to guide us through this somewhat intimidating experience. She was straight forward, knowledgeable and honest with lots of energy. I never dreamed this could all work so smoothly. I would recommend Beverly Green to anyone.
- Lani A